itsy bitsy biting bugs!

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Last week I dropped by to see a gamekeeper I know to see if he had a broody bantam for some grey partridge eggs I have. Anyway the conversation soon turned to deer (funny how that always happens!) and he invited me for a stalk the following morning.

I had a great morning, no shots (funny how that always happens!) saw half a dozen Roe but the best bit was a close encounter of the cervine kind when a buck appeared browsing twenty foot away but behind the high seat! I dare'nt move a muscle as he kept looking directly at me and sniffing the air. He eventually moved down the side and browsed a bush barely ten foot away but on the wrong side of the cover for a shot. He eventually moved off through the trees without exposing himself but my heart was thumping from beginning to end.

Back to the title of the thread, I did not see a single midge but on taking off my gear saw my forearms were covered in tiny bites, many in lines of up to twenty individual bites. I also had many other single bites on my shoulders and legs. Two days on these bites are driving me crazy as they itch like hell. The thing is I was wearing gloves, long sleaved shirt, sweater and jacket, so whatever bit me got under my clothing and had a good crawl around. Are these midge bites or some over little nasty as I always thought midges only went for exposed skin??


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l remember a time many years ago in scotland, although l was stalking l was actually on the pidgeons for the evening and my o/h was chilling out in the car, next thing l realise was the o/h yelling come on we are off why l said "these bloody midges are getting in the car even with it closed up fully" windows etc, point being there just aint no stopping the the little buggers.

l have been fortunate this year untill the other evening when l was out stalking with a friend but not untill the next morning did l realise they had shredded me :mad:


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They get into our bedroom round the window frames - and the frames don't even let a draught in!...little sods are the weasels of the insect world!
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