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hi all, just wondering if ye could help me,my guns are all brand new and are starting to get a bit dusted or speckled with rust which is scaring the s##t out of me and i was just wondering is there anything i could do to stop this,i clean them all very well after every trip so i cant understand it,some told me its the salty air?? i live basically 30 yards from the sea so the air around here is very dry and salty, i dont have a clue,is there anything i could put in my gunsafe to help this??



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Does sound like your problem is the sea air one thing that maybe worth trying is to get hold of some of the silica bags you get when you buy some products and chuck them in your cabinet this should help reduce the moisture content in the air within your cabinet.


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rust inhibitor

Napier VP90 is supplied with new Bratton sound cabinets. I can't vouch for it, but it can't do any harm to try it! ;)


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Hi Tiny,

I look after a large firearm collection in a museum, mostly early breech and muzzle loading weapons. You might find that the humidity is very high in the room that you keep the weapons in. It should be about 30% to 40% and constant. Apart from the anti rust agent cloths you can put in the cabinet which is a cheap option, you may want to consider buying a small dehumidifier to plug into the room. This may sound drastic and expensive, but they are about £150 approx to buy from Comets, Currys etc, and you will be suprised how much moisture they draw out of the air.

As we keep about 1500 firearms and cutting weapons, it is essential to check the humidity. The reserve firearms collection is kept under the museum in a bunker, which does give humidity problems. I have overcome the problem of rusting by using a combination of a small electric heater, and xpelair fan on a timer, and a dehumidifier. We have no problems.

If you are storing weapons for a long time, you can purchase a wax called microcrystaline wax, once applied to metal it cuts the air off and providing the seal is not broken it does preserve the metal quite well from rust spots.

Hope the above is of some use to you.
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