IWA 2008, whats new.

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Hi Chaps

I have just got back from the IWA in Germany, met Egj 223 and his family there as well top block. :) Me and Kaleidoscope spent 4 days walking the Trade Stands and still on the last day we were seeing stuff we had missed in.

The show was well run with typical German efficiency. The only down side was the traders were forbidden to sell there wares, it was a show only. (Although some traders did break the rules on the last day, but most did not. Kal tried really hard to get the lady on the Marlin stand to sell him a 450 Marlin but they would not budge. :cry: )

I will mention a few things that caught my eye.

They have a new bolt action rifle out called the XL7 it reminded me of a Savage it has what they call a “Pro-fire” trigger which like the Savage Accu-Trigger, it has a trigger blade inside a trigger blade. The barrel has a locking nut like the Savage so you can adjust head space, the bolt is fluted and the bolt shroud looks like a Sako 75, it is a push feed two lug bolt. Synthetic stock and top feed only mag’ ………..Now the best bit they are retailing at only $300 in the US, they would made a good base for a semi-custom rifle.

We also got our hands on a 450 lever action rifle with a 18” barrel, I think it would make a get boar gun it did impress us.

The bullet manufactures, have brought out a custom rifle of there own, designed for all weather use just right for Fiordland. It is a 2 lug push feed bolt action with fluted bolt, Pac-nor barrel, floor plate and has a reworked Timney trigger fitted. The whole lot has then been Cerra coated (a tough ceramic coating a bit like Duracoat) the stock is a synthetic one, of course. It looked a nice rifle, price will be competitive. ;)

Another US manufacture had a range of custom rifles built on there own Remmy 700 Patten receivers, Pac-Nor barrels again, Manners stocks ect price at around $4,000.

Had some good scopes the, 4-28X50 caught my eye this has a 7X mag’ making it a very versatile scope they also had a 3-18.



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Part 2


Had a new bullet called the MRX, (Maximum Range X bullet) this has a plastic tip copper body that has driving lands and a Tungsten core, it is supposed to retain a 100% weight, fly flatter and can be driven harder with no increase of pressure over a normal lead cored bullet.


Have there BORS it is a ballistic computer that mounts onto the top of your scope (compatible with Leupolds at the minute) it moves your elevation turret buy a small electric motor, the BORS takes into account the barometric pressure and if you are shooting up or down, all you have to do is punch in the range and the BORS adjusts your scope so you just shoot straight at the target, it holds over a 100 ballistic tables in the memory but you can add you own for your custom load ect.


Had a nice stand with a 50 cal and moderator, god that is big

Also there was a compact 338 Lapua Magnum from the Tome Raider film, nice to look at but not to shoot I bet.

Walther Barrels

They had a sleeved barrel, were a thin steel barrel tube was wrapped with a aluminium fluted outer. This gave the performance of a heavy barrel but without the weight, also the excellent thermal properties of the aluminium help the barrel cool quicker.

Steiner Binoculars

There Night owl Binoculars looked very nice, light and well balanced in the hand worth a look if you are in the market for a pair of quality Bin’s.

Walnut for your new English shotgun? Plenty of Turkish walnut there.

Remmington with a triangle barrel, did not impress me.

The Leupold stand was massive but I did not see any thing new.

Some superb engraving to be seen on some the top hand made European guns not all of it tasteful.

Plenty of handmade rifles around for £12,000 and up, some seem like a bargain compared to some UK prices.

Zastava known for there cheap guns in the UK but here is some of there top end work not really my thing but nice to look at, a work of art.

Best rgds

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