JAN 2016 MONTERIA available 150 Animals Boar ,Red Deer,Free shooting Stags,Boar,Hinds


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Jan 23, 24th Free shooting on Stags , Hinds , Wild Boar , No Trophy fees.
I shot a Royal (12) and a 10 pointer last time as well as 3 more smaller stags.As well as Hinds and wild Boar.
£1999 inc Transfers, accommodation , food and hunting licience,
Book now 10 guns left total 30 guns , Organisation is excellent all shooting Pegs are google Mapped and Chosen for Safety. An amazing was of getting the Cull on the Estate in the traditional Spanish Way.

Extras flight easy Jet to Madrid (so not so expensive)
Single room Suppliment £38 a night 3 nights
Bullets bring 100
Gun Hire if required £38 a day

Don't Miss out last Monterias of the Season Jan and Feb 18,19,20, (single Day spaces 2 and one space left).

PM me for more Details or to be on the Mailing List for Driven Wild Boar and Monterias next Year 2016-2017 Season .

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