Javalin carbon bi pod


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Will be purchasing a Javalin carbon bi pod for general stalking duties out on the hill mainly which length of legs should I choose, short, medium or long?


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I assume you mean the Spartan Javelin bipod?
I have the Pro Hunt version with standard length legs, but then much of my shooting is prone. If you prefer sitting you'll obviously need longer legs.
They are fine bipods by the way, light and strong.


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I bought the medium length to replace my Harris as I was fed up with the weight and not needing when on high seat etc. The Spartan is more versatile but is not as secure a rest as the Harris. If you are in amongst heather and long grass then you would be better with the long one. It’s simple to fit.

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The Javelin is a good choice if you only rarely need a bipod. The concept is for something light and compact enough to be carried almost unnoticed in a pouch or pocket and fitted as and when needed. Consequently, if I regularly needed to use a bipod, I'd go for something else, and a Magpul might well be on my list. It all depends on how you use your rifle, how you want it to handle, and how you want it to look.


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Much over-rated and way to expensive. Get a Magpul bipod and also spare yourself ruining your stock by fitting the Spartan adapter.
:thumb: Slightly annoyed Form stocks come as standard with Spartan adapters in. Didn’t realise until after it had been bedded :rolleyes:

The tier one tactical bipod may be worth a look. Good bit of kit, sturdy, light and no springs to snag on. Takes seconds to fit using the QD clamp on a rail. Probably not as quick as the Javelin though.

I rarely use a bipod for stalking, but I carry the tier one in a pack just incase. It would fit in a big pocket though.

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I realize I'm not doing the OP justice. He has most probably done his primary research already (the javelin is a good choice for the upland stalker) and just wants some informed advice on what leg length to go for. I'd recommend starting with the standard and adding extensions if necessary. A day sack can also be used to provide extra height, and is sometimes enough on its own. For sitting shots, I'd always use sticks. If you don't want to carry stouter ones you can also use for steadiness when walking, you can make short, light ones from aluminium or carbon fibre arrow shafts tied with rubber near the top and strap these to the side of your day sack when not in use.