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paul dillon

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I can vouch for Mike & Dave at Jelen I have done part of my L2 with them getting in 2 stalks and 2 deer in a day very experienced and profesional for those of you wanting to gain more experience stalking I can recomend them
p.s. welcome back NORMSKI

Paul D


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I will also Vouch for Mike, Dave & Norm. I have done and passed my level 2 with Jelen i had nearly spent £1000 trying to do my level 2 going to places advertising witnessed stalks £50-60 per outing go for 2-3 days and not see a deer i even went to Arran 2 deer shot all week cost £320 + BB + petrol it all mounts up. Everytime i use jelen i have seen deer not all the times ive have shot a deer but ive had the stalk. THEY do what they say on the tin a very good outfit! Hay Norm get in Touch


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I had a look on ebay after stumbling across this old thread, and didn't notice a listing from Jelen.

How did it work out in the end? Was ebay a good way to trade?

I did find this listing from a different outfit, which I imagine would be a bit similar to what has been previously offered from Jelen.
Hi DL,

We sell our DSCL1 CD Rom on Ebay, but we don't advertise stalking any more. It was a good way to trade, and we met some fine people. Few people went home without a deer. The upside was that we sold a day's stalking per week for every week of the year. The downside was that the best we sold for was £180, the worst £67 (Just before Christmas 2009) Why did we stop? ...... Simple, by the time ebay took their bit of commission on the sale, their fees for selling, and then paypal took their bit too, we were losing quite a lot. It worked at the time, but most of our business now comes through repeat visits, word of mouth, and I would say that our finest marketing media has without doubt been through Stalking Directory. For that I have Alex and Malcolm to thank.

We are still offering a great deal for stalkers through SD, we are doing more DSCL1's than we've ever done - and getting fantastic results (98% pass rate in 2010), and we have many other opportunities for stalkers in other fields of deer management at professional level.

2010, was a great year for Jelen Deer Services, and we have engaged four new Field Operators to join our management team. I envisage that 2011, will be even better. We have some brand new stuff coming out this year, and it will be advertised first on SD.

Happy new year to you

Best regards,

(Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer Services


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I envisage that 2011, will be even better.
It's not easy to form a picture of how the deer stalking industry as a whole is performing. Things seem financially tight for many people, however one way would appear to be the increase in demand for DSC1 courses, as an indication of the popularity of stalking.

I'm interested to read the stalking listings on Ebay, however, I too am more of a word of mouth person myself, in that if the people have performed well in the past for others, then it stands to reason I could expect the same.