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Had a great weekend with Jelen Deer Services last weekend in Hampshire, nice 4 point roebuck which I thought was a malform but turned out to have a loose antler shot on the p.m. followed by a spiker fallow next a.m. Best story was of the german hunter they had recently who kept commenting on the number of muntjac he kept seeing everytime he glassed the area, confused the jelen stalker knew munty were few and far between in that area, he finaly realised the german was referring to the hares which popuate that area in great numbers! Hares and now refered to as 'german muntjac'!
Very friendly and professional outfit, highly recommended!
(warning, they can be a bunch of **** takers!)


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sounds like a wicked time mack
did you manage to get any pics? that we are able to look at, nothing like the smile on a stalkers face when things hav gone his way :lol:


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I have been involved in shooting/culling Deer for many years and it is only recently that I have been forced to join the commercial world and I was absolutely amazed at the sort of money I could have made by getting somebody else to shoot my Deer for me.
When I read of the wonderful times you guys have I wonder how much you paid for such a good time, it's all relative to prices paid, if any, and knowing would be helpful.
It would also be helpful so that I can guage what sort of tip to give when I am invited for free.
About two years ago I was invited by a friend to shoot a Red Stag and having never been involved in the commercial side of Deer management I assumed that because I had shot it, it was mine to take home.
I stayed with him for a few days and I kept discussing ways I could fit this Bl**dy great beast in my car to take home.
On the last day I was given the antler, which he had boiled out for me, and it took up all the room in the car.
So me being generous and having been put up by my mate for three days, I very magmanimously said " As you have looked after me so well for the last three days, you can keep the big Beasty and sell it to offset the cost of my stay" to which he replied "Oh! OK" I then said my cheerios and drove off.
My mate has never mentioned it since but now I am a bit more 'Commercial Stalking aware' I wonder what he must have thought of me at the time.
I have been back since so I didn't upset him too much, thank goodness.


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Will post pics soon. I actually won this stalk on ebay! They had been advertising for a while and the 2 stalks had been won for up to £160. I bid £100 and won! That was a p.m. stalk plus an a.m. stalk, accompanied, but I dare you to find another commercial operation where you could get £50 per stalk. Two other things pleased me, one I wanted to take a mate, another experienced stalker, when I phoned up Mike the boss he said sure, he will only pay the same rate as you bid! Another was finding out they normally only charge £60 per stalk, Jan Andrews charges around £80-85 per stalk.
Beause it was won on ebay the guys assumed we were virgin stalkers and were surprised pleased when we arrived kitted out and armed.
I doubt I will ever be in the position to get my own land to stalk on, this was a good representation of what is out there for stalkers such as myself, as long as true deer management is balanced with some trophy taking and greed via continental clients does not get in the way we can have reasonable commercial stalking in England.


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Hi Mack,
That really was a good outfit to treat you like that, not like some I have heard of.
I may even have to go down that route to justify keeping my rifles so thanks for the info.


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I was out with Mike the first weekend in December, Sat night and Sun Morn stalks, enjoyed them both, Mike is a funny P*** taking bloke who looks after you. He got me onto 2 Deer, one each outing. Was also happy to point me in the right direction and say "Off you go, I will pick you up here", leaving it upto me to make the decisions.

I enjoyed my time with them.



Hiya Mack, thanks for the good vibes towards Jelen Deer !! I enjoyed taking you out on the pm stalk and what a great time we had. Your shot off sticks was spot on!! well done, we look forward to seeing you and Tom again soon. :lol:
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