Jim's buck

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Jim's buck,Well I decided to go down the estate last night. One of the lads put up a quick form scaffold platform but it had never been finished. My daughter had stripped a fence so I had a surplus of boards which I used to build a doe box. This now sits on the scaffold. Due to the disturbance I left the area to settle and went round to where I had left the "panther" on a previous visit. Well it was now eight thirty, mist was not far away but cleared. I cracked the side of the seat with the rifle as I got in, (hate metal seats for that reason). My black faces doe stood up as if to say hello, you are back. In front of me are two fields of barley. The first is about 70 meters wide, then the second sweeps up the hill. I have seen four does and two bucks in this field. Shortly before nine another doe stood up. This was to the right hand edge of the field, 300 meters. Soon she was in the company of a buck. My doe had wandered back up the field. I tried calling them in. My doe came back. The other pair never moved. Then he started chasing her but never in my direction. I left them for about twenty minutes and tried again. This time the doe moved in my direction. The buck followed. Nope, they stopped 164 meters out. It would have been a tricky shot off the right hand side of a highseat. I declined. They went back into,their corner to play. Ten o'clock was not far away and end of daylight. When they ducked out of sight I took the opportunity to get out the seat. Then I was left with a stalk through a wood strewn with broken branches. It is impossible to get a step without that ominous crack under foot. I cut well into the woodland before angling back to the edge. This was to take me to corner where hopefully I would get a shot. Now I found a six foot chicken mesh fence. An old pheasant pen blocked my path. I found a section laid over by a fallen tree. The top wire was at three feet. I could step over but standing on the mesh would the top wire scream through the steeple. Had to chance it but got away with it. Got down to the wall but it was too unstable to do as a perch. Found a nice picture surround type hole through the branches where I could set the rifle up on the stick. The buck and the doe had retreated to the top of the second field but a couple of squeaks brought them galloping back down. They stopped 157 meters out from me but I still after an hour and a half not seen the body of the buck. Only the head was visible above the barley. Then the doe moved and the buck stepped out into a wind fallen area. Eventually he turned to angle towards the hedge presenting me with the perfect broadside. The rifle was set on the quad sticks with no tension twist what so ever. All I had to do was pull the trigger. With that satisfying boas thump I know I was on the money. It walked to the hedge. Came down a couple or yards, turned back and disappeared. I watched for a few minutes then made my way round the side of the fields. I was lucky. It was lying on the bank beside the hedge. Unseen by me in the centre of the hedge was an old fence so it could not get into the ditch. Had it gone the other way it was in four feet high barley. It is my biggest head by a long way. I am cleaning it so may get it measured once it is dried and weighed. Pictures on another thread. When I have time I will download the camera pictures. These are from iPod, Jim
A cracking buck Jim and well deserved after your perseverance on that section. The head is certainly worth submitting. Vizsla also had a buck this evening of the ground. Great news.


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It was the one I missed a fortnight ago Jim so I'm glad to get him last night :thumb:. Good luck with your head
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