Joe West rifle stocks

I. Farticus

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Ah, website's down as well... Doesn't bode well does it. They're Trade Members on here, so I assume that their membership has been paid of late and it's a short-term blip.

Wonder if Admin can shed any light


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No its difficult to know the score. I have had 2 Private messages on other forums, one saying that they are probably at Bisley for the Europeans and one that said that this is the norm and that they don't pay their bills etc so it's hard to know what to think and is a shame as their stocks look awesome

I. Farticus

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A mate of mine has one on his Sako 75 and it's very comfortable to shoot long range prone. I find it heavy to lug around, but each to their own.

They need to square their sh*t away, as they need positive feedback to build a small business, not folks wondering if they've gone pop. Mud sticks...


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Hi RPA 6mmbr

Joe's stocks are awesome and he's a great guy to work with- I highly recommend his gear.

Joe shoots on the GB F class team so will be in Bisley this week for the F class Europeans (incidentally you'll see a lot of his stocks on the firing point).

Simply FYI, my next build will be in one of Joe's stocks (just waiting for the action to be built in the US). Can't say much more than that!