John gryphon


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G'day John

Good to see you are back, and been keeping your hand and eyes ticking over!
Ol' 64 got how many notches now?



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This time get yourself signed up as a SD Supporter which may give you a;- somewhat more leeway with the Mods when you next stray from the path of UK deerstalking righteousness and b;- you get to compete with Stalker1962 in the monthly raffle for a nice adjustable cloths line set of shooting sticks and other hunting paraphernalia.



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I got banned for asking a seller TIC something that the precious seller deemed enough to complain about.....note,the precious lot never post anything of value. But by Jove they can complain professionally and in such a hand wringing manner that a six week ban was issued.

TIC? tongue in cheek!

As you are expressing your own twaddle opinion in this post.
Normal service resumes. Thank f*** for that. Welcome back Johnno. How ya goin!


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Hmmm. Without being mawkish the thread was starting to read like an obituary! Maybe we should have the wake now whilst the esteemed member can buy us all a drink real time?