joined organs


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Hi all,

Perhaps you can help i have shot several deer over the years and have come across a couple(literally) that seem to have their lungs joined to their ribcage by a sort of membrane and whilst gralloching the pluck does not fall away easily in fact it has to be peeled off. :eek:

last week i had a red about 2 years old, male, he was in good condtion and behaved normally. When i came to gralloch him upon sawing through the breast bone i could see that i had again come across another abnormal beast , he was shot in through the 4 th rib and the bullet exited out the 8 th rib making quite a mess but i could still see alot of "frothy" membrane sticking his lungs and heart to the inside of the ribcage after peeling this out all appeared normal . :D

When transfering the beast to the game dealer i told him of this and he just said that he has seen it before(he stalks) but he did not know exactly what it was. :confused:

From my poor description could anybody shed any light on the subject. :confused:

Thanks in advance cervushunter :)


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HI Cervushunter,
From your description you are describing localised pleurisy. The inside of the chest cavity is lined by a membrane called the pleura and this is reflected and covers most of the the lungs. These are in close contact but have a serous fluid between them so that when the deer breathes, lungs can slide over the rib cage (lubrication). Now occasionally there is a small infection or even a bruise or fracture where blood leaks into this potential space. In the healing process connective tissue is formed which makes the two pleura stick together.
The heart is contained in the pericardial sack and this to has fluid to accommodate the movement of the heart. Occasionally metal can penetrate from the reticulum through the diaphragm into this space but gradually rusts over time just leaving connective tissue which sticks the surfaces together. In farming terms of cattle "she has wire" It can also be bruising with same effect


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if the cavity has only lungs stuck to the rib cage and no abscess or any lumpy white noduals stuck then you can skin out the pleura quite easily. if you run your knife along were the ribs join the back bone making a small cut across the ribs get your thumb nail or finger nail and slowly peel the skin away this will remove the the infected tissue and the carcass should be ok if know other sings of disease is found any where else in the carcass . One word of advice be careful not to get any bone splinters down your nails as they bloody well hurt i can assure you MUDDY