joining in again

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Hi everbody i have been a member of this site for over a year but never really said much ,got fed up of that idiot bradley who i belive is or was a troll , but i have keptan eye on it and i belive it has become very good without those idiots on here .So i am going to take part in the forums if i have any thing intresting to say ,


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Hi Tom,
Bradley and his evil confederates were not on my Christmas list either! I jacked the site in twice because of trolls. But it's too good to stay away for long.
I look forward to reading your posts mate.

Regards Steve.F


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hi tom,
i never had the pleasure of bradley but hav met other trolls and goblins since i joined ,
hope your return is a happy one , as we are a happy bunch
good hunting stone


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Glad to see you have returned Tom. Unfortunatly we have had our share of Trolls (AKA Arseholes) on this site, and I along with some others off this site have had personal dealings with them.

You will always get sad ****s like Bradley, and others!!!! One trys to imagine what they hope to achieve in their very sad lives :cry: they are usually low achievers with no friends and little or no experiance of stalking. I would not let them bother you, there are enough of us on here now to shoot any of them down if they re appear.

Besides Rob Mac and others keep a watchfull eye open , so if any Troll comes up with some other obscure name like Bagpuss, Bradley etc they will find themselves out gunned ;)

Look forward to reading some posts from you, and welcome back to the best site on the web.




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Hi Tom, and welcome back.
Please don't feel you have to wait till you have something interesting, inteligent or funny to say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,They don't shout at me, and look at some of my drivel! Lots of them can't read anyhow. ;)


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Hi Tiny,
No trolls are just individuals that believe that unless you are of the same opinion as they are, you are wrong! When you don't agree, 'God forbid' they target you and snap at your heels like a nasty little lap dog. :eek: We all have opinions and that's good. I have read posts and changed my mind on many issues, however I've never changed my mind because someone bullied me into it. That's just not cricket! :lol:

Unfortunately trolls make everyone jumpy and you can end up arguing with other members because you have read something into their post that wasn't meant to offend. I've been guilty of this and regret it! :( Its a great site when the trolls are caged. Long may it continue so! :D


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Trolls spotting is like like looking for deer on the hill, tricky at first and then you get used to it and spotting them is easy. Once spotted shoot the evil sod's as soon as.

We even had one in a Land Rover once.



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The best way to deal with a Troll is to simply ignore their posts and refuse to engage in any form of correspondence with them.

When they realise that they are being ignored they will soon **** off.

As soon a s they become obsessional/compulsive about something they start to show their DNA.
So simply don't get involved with them.
PM they rest of the regulars with their name and that they are suspect trolls, that way we can all ignore them and not get drawn into ridiculous slanging matches.

The biggest form of sledging is to completly ignore someone.
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