Jousting - An Olympic Sport


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Will there be a Melee category in which nation can combat nation with dismounted knights and serfs battling alongside one another? Will the gold medal be replaced by the awarding of a token keepsake from the king's beautiful daughter (or presumably son for the women's event)? Will there be a suitably amended version for the Paralympics? Will stimulants such as mead and saintly relics be banned? More detail required before I can fully support this.


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The English would win all the time. Other countries would come along resplendent in their armour, on their big fine chargers, glinting in the sunshine, then we would kill the lot of them with a hail of arrows from our longbows. Stand by for another gold medal!


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Sorry but no, jousting in the Olympics, Naw!!!
A line has to be drawn somewhere!!! What next, witch dipping?!!!


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Looks more fun than some others. Tennis for example. Or synchronised drowning. Or speed walking or whatever it's called. Etc etc etc. BORING.