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I was thinking of christmas and have been asked what i would like well i need everything but a quality hunting Jumper would be nice can any one recommend one.

Moray Outfitting

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We dont stock clothing side - too expensive/ complex to carry sizes etc - so written with clear conscience:D

Really like Jack Pyke Countryman Jumper - reversible ribbed wool mix and fleece, with membrane. But quite chunky.

To be honest find it very hard to beat M & S light wool jumpers or the Johnstones of Elgin cashmere jobs - but only if able to swoop on a bargain at the factory shop sale! Last few of these I got ( M & S / J's ) ran at about £10-£15.


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I never go past a Traditional Guernsey Sweather, lasts for years and takes a hammering, but still smart.