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My 14 month old Chesapeake tries to poo lots of times and nothing but clear liquid emits after he has had his four normal stools. He does drag his erse along the grass as i think the watery poo is annoying him.
Any ideas please??


Yes, I'd agree with the anal glads and the smell. A vets job if you've not done it before.. or can find a (good) friend to help!


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That will be one trip to the vets where you are guaranteed to feel that it was money well spent!


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I had the question about runny/watery poo after normal ones many times from Search DOg handlers and, after watching my own dogs on long days out concluded it was normal. IF the poo the following day is normal, it's nothing to worry about. It might be just adrenaline release with running (who was it stopped mid marathon when caught short?).
Anal glands, well it might be, but I think they are blamed too often.