Just a little illustration on the illegal alien issue in the US.


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For that to be remotely informative, you need:

1. Proportion of legal residents and native citizens who commit horrific murders.
2. Proportion of illegals who commit horrific murders.

A single act by one person tells you precisely nothing about the probability of a population as a whole to do something.

I’m not saying that there is a very serious argument to be had about how to deal with illegal immigrants. However, to use a single horrific act to justify one set of answers is as blinkered as to say that all are persecuted victims in need of succour.

My guess is that illegal immigrants are essentially the same as everyone else: some are demons, some are angels and the vast majority are just people: opportunists who do what it takes to get by.

My question to everyone who gets hot under the collar about them is simply: what would YOU do? How many of you would NOT take every risk to get your family to a better situation? I call BS on anyone who says ‘oh, I’d stay in my *****y third world hell hole, working for a pittance, at the mercy of whatever bunch of armed thugs, corrupt government goons or narco lords happened to run my area, because it’s illegal to climb that fence’. You all fancy yourselves as self reliant providers who are critical of authority that unnecessarily gets in your way. Would you really stay put? I doubt it...

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Apparently there is an issue with guns as well. 2018 school shootings: A list of incidents that resulted in casualties - CNN
I sympathise with the issue but most people are hard working and decent. But with every aspect of society there is a small bad percentage who come in from the crime side. Coming from a multicultural country as it appears England (that should raise a few hackles) is now I could point fingers at pretty much every race, religion and group but the reality is it is such a small percentage. Not helped by social media with its fake news and people forwarding on bs without checking the sources.
if I believed all the carp that came out I would be afraid to get out of my bed.

and no, I have no idea what the answer is. If I knew that I would probably know the lottery numbers.

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To the above: I'm talking about illegal aliens entering my country. I'm not talking about gun violence, percentage of population, home grown killers or any other crap. As you point out, we already have enough criminals here, we don't need any more that are not even supposed to be here. If anyone wants to immigrate here, do it legally or stay the F--- out! Our system is designed to weed out the exact types outlined in the news story, and yes it is factual. Legal immigrants welcome, illegal aliens not welcome. It's as simple as that. My ex wife was a legal immigrant and she dispises those who do it illegally. How about if we round up these people and send them your way? And by the way, this was not an isolated incident. Murders, rapes, and robberies, committed on a daily basis by people that should not even be here.