just another day with the L.A.C.S

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Why did the LACS spokeman keep his head down and not look at the camera. Surely because he was afriad that his eyes would betray his lies! I feel sorry for LACS as they are obivously all mentally ill! :evil:

Andy L

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I am finding it more and more incredible everyday how ignorant otherwise educated people can be. Fine, if you don't want to stalk the deer yourself, but to ignore the fact that there are no natural predators to do the management for you is unbelievable.


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There the ones that need culling.
It just shows you what a bunch of hypocrits they are dont it :rolleyes:


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I would love to understand how the general public can be taken in by such an obvious load of rubbish. The LAC and other such organisations are past masters at rubbishing evidence provided by legitimate hunting /shooting and fishing endeavours. Now the evidence against them at their sanctuary is manufactured, but it has been manufactured by themselves. The condition of the deer herd is disgusting it needs managing in order to remove the sick and diseased to get some sort of health. The LAC and nobody else is responsible for the state those deer are in, it is cruel and inhuman, and they should be prosecuted for it. How can the RSPCA find that they were not responsible, if I understand it correctly, are they not impartial :!: :!: :!:



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pathetic people, modern society in general is just gone so stupid i think, not only regarding hunting and shooting but isnt it sad when people are more aware of whats happening in hollywood than whats happening in their own country, even backyard...... ok rant over....


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Well its like this chicken business. Hugh Fearnley gets on tv and tells people about the terrible conditions that supermarket chickens are put in to produce them so cheaply. Everyone says okay we will insist on more expensive locallly produced free range chickens that have been well looked after. Next thing its £1.99 for a chicken in Tescos, and people are buying them again! I guess everyone who buys one must have the attention span of a goldfish! :eek:

People amaze me they really do! At work I provide some of my work mates with venison. If I go in on a monday morning after stalking that weekend, and I don't bring any venison in they get very arsey. I have to tell them I'm not F&£%ing Waitrose, I don't just walk up to the deer and they fall over!

Madness! :evil:


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I know this is an old thread. But excuse the french, **** me they seriously do wind me up, lacs are the biggest form of cruelty against animals apart from the rspca going! Rant over as ill not be able to stop. Baffles me how people can be so narrow minded.

Rant over
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