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Does anyone if there are still many of these going about? I have a belt full of Ely Grand Prix paper cartridges, which I think you can still get? What particularly interests me though, are the 'Dust shot' and Lilliput cartridges. I imagine the Lilliput would've been designed as a light game cartridge, & the dust-shot for vermin control around buildings. Anyone tell me if I'm on the right track with this thinking? :???:



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As far as I know, dust-shot is as you suggest, teeny-weeny shot. As used in .22LR shot-cartridges for shooting mosquitoes, I guess in a 12bore, one could probably go for bigger quarry such as moths. I seem to recall that uses included naturalists shooting specimens of small bird.

The Lilliput is not something I've come across, but it does look shorter than the other. Might it be a cartridge for a 2"-chambered 12bore, loaded with 7/8oz of shot?


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I've seen Dust like lead loads used in 12 bore breaching cartridges to blow hinges and locks off doors and then no shot to cause collateral damage afterwards, only seen these available in the states though.


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I believe 'dust shot' or similar is still available for 9mm garden guns for short range control of rats, especially in and around buildings.


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Dust shot was at one time used for shooting birds by collectors wanting relatively undamaged skins for taxidermy, I believe.
Yes, taxidermists and museum collectors used No. 12 shot.
It used to come in .410, too, for shooting rats around dairies and hen houses.

It still comes in .22 shot shells and in .38 and 9mm snake and rat shot. Winchester used to make smoothbore .22s in the 1930s for killing rats in buildings with these. I have killed a lot of rats and squirrels with .22 shot from a revolver. A head shot on a squirrel at 15 or 20 feet is DRT.

.38 and 9mm shot comes larger. It is a good defense round in a house or on the street in warm weather when clothing is light. Years ago, a fellow near me kept snake shot in his .357, so it would not penetrate walls. He shot a burglar with a knife in his bedroom at 10 feet, thinking it would wound him and run him off. It made mush of heart and lungs, killing him instantly.


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Aye, at 10 feet it would effectively still be a solid ball of lead. Still, that's one guy that won't be re-offending, hey? 'Bright side', & all that :D

There's no date on the cartridge, of course. Be interesting to find out when Ely stopped making them. It must've been a fairly common cartridge at one time I would've thought, even in 12 bore. Well, probably especially in 12 bore