Justifying Deer Management to a Wildlife Trust / Landowner?

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Noticed your comment about Monks Wood and culling issues.

The BDS have been involved with a long term study at Wytham woods - the resulting data has been of great interest to those who may need to justify/plan deer control - especially relating to Muntjac/Fallow probs.

The following links will give you a chunks of ammunition in formulating and referencing the need for control of Deer numbers in woodland. Highlights the detrimental effects of unchecked deer access on other animals/flora that a Wildlife trust may be trying to encourage in a balanced biotope.

Good luck! :)


Contact Stephen for info - very authoratative! stephen.ellwood@zoology.oxford.ac.uk


Now, the Woodland Trust's viewpoint on deer - NOTE that venison income is NOT a factor they consider, likewise, they do NOT allow sporting shooting - so any mention of paying clients is not likely to be in your interest!!


Put the two loads of info together - you should be able to forward a watertight case for management, while allowing the Trustees to cover their collective backs in authorizing action!

Rgds Ian :)


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Thanks Ian,
I thought I had it covered, but your extra information has put a copper bottom on it for me. I am due to present my management plan to the Trustees after Christmas. I will let you know the results. I'd also like to put some of the plan on the site for the members to have a look at and give me some ideas.
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