Kahles KX, AH, CT etc.

Leica Amplus 6
Anyone having experince about different modelseries of Kahles? According to my knowledge AH and KX series are for american market and cheaper than others but are they any good?

According to their webpages all Kahles scopes should have similar AMV coating on lenses, so they should have about similar performance in poor light.

So are all Kahles scopes comparable to each other or is there similar gap in performance as there is between European Zeiss and Zeiss Conquest?


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I hope you are going to put a decent scope on that Tikka, I dont want the history of the rifle sullied by crap scope :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hear he got badly Pi--ed and had a sauna also ;)
I might put S&B fixed 6x42 or Leupold vx-II 3-9x40 on your Tikka. Recently bought Zeiss Conquest for my fathers M65 but I must say I was expecting better performance in low light.

Kahles would go on my custom made .260rem. Other option is Leupold like on your Ruger. Rifle isn't ready yet but should be in few months.

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Leica Amplus 6