Kalix cr1 cheek raiser


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Who has fitted one to their rifle and what are your thoughts?....
I'm currently contemplating putting one on my t3 to get better cheek weld and be able to remove the bolt for cleaning without the hassle of removing the fixed comb raiser I'm currently using...

Thanks for any input

Dorset Boy

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I have one and I have put them on previous rifles.
Easy to install and are great bits of kit.
Can send you a pic if you pm me your details


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Have fitted a few to customers rifles

They are functional and work ok

Cheek piece itself is a little flimsy in my view it could be made of thicker material


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Yes, I've got one on my T3 lite.

I use a 56 mm obj scope on a Picatinny rail, so needed the extra height in the comb. It does exactly that,but to be fair I think they are a bit expensive at RRP . Also, annoyingly, you still can't take the bolt out without lowering the cheek raiser, which means you have to have some way of knowing how high to put it back afterwards. Not the biggest problem to be fair, and better than having to completely remove a fixed cheek raiser.

They're easy enough to fit, using their template for drilling the holes...... but again,it helps if you know someone with a pillar drill just to be sure.

I'd be tempted to see whether anyone had a T3X adjustable stock for sale which they've replaced with a different stock/chassis. Probably cost about the same, with the added advantage of a steel recoil lug too.


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I had one on my previous Blaser R93 & have one on my Blaser R8 right now. They are prefect for my needs; lightweight & robust. I used my R93 in 4 hunting seasons with most hunting during the winter with temperatures sometimes down to -30´C. No complaints.


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The other option is to get a grs bifrost...
My tikka is a lefty so the stock options are very limited... which is why I'm contemplating a cr1 cheek riser...
So far it seems folk with them are are happy...


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Fitted one to my “go to” Sako 85 .308 and very pleased. I did however shorten the front edge slightly so that I could remove the bolt without changing the riser’s position. 687BE652-E464-401F-A4D8-BE4B1BC303B1.jpeg323AD17E-2A1C-40FF-997A-A9D6989E847B.jpeg