kammo gaiters where to buy ?


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Does anyone know of any shops selling the Kammo gaiters ?
Their web site says they are sold out to april, and they have failed to answer any emails


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I bought a new set recently but had to wait until a pair came up on eBay . That's the only place I could get them.
Covered before as well - I love them - the gaiters that is. Kammo the company are frustrating!

Took the chance when they were on the website and bought a personal stock - which arrived next day. And are staying as personal stock!

I have e mailed, left phone messages and written - all in praise of the gaiters and asking if there was any scope to do anything with them - either stock for retail, endorse etc etc. Never a single response. On the plus side, the fact I'm still on the case should tell you how good I think they are.

So far as I can gather, they are the only source, no retailer carries anything other than the odd unit of old stock - if anything.

They do still seem to attend certain gamefairs - just none I've managed to get to. So if you pass their stand at any event and see an incredibly handsome bloke nailing their sales manager to the ground - please feel free to come over and say hello ;)