Kammo Re-Proofing

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I have still not been able to part with my old Kammo jacket which I keep as a spare for emergencies.

Unfortunately after prolonged and abusive use it is about as waterproof as a sponge!

I have tried a few of the wash-in water proofing products on the market and have found them to be worse than useless!

Does anyone have experience of the Kammo refurbishing service and contact details/prices, or any do it yourself at home suggestions that actually work and do what they say on the tin?

I suppose another option is to chuck in the towel and go for either a Swandri or Nomad replacement.

Thanks in advance



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i have two kammo jackets one about 15 years old there a lovely coat if swazi could make a jacket on the kammo patern ,now that would be a coat and a half .cant have enough pockets and the stud to hold rifle on the shoulder is so handy ,my two are in bad nead of reproofing also


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If you are thinking of using the Extreme stuff they advertise on the website I have tried that twice and it was not as good as the label would have had you believe.


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Any synthetic, dust off mud blood etc and wash thoroughly with non-bio detergent and no fabric softener. Dry completely then rinse at low temp and allow to drip and air dry, no heat.
Wash again with a "wash-in" proofer and allow to dry in.
Keeps it right for about 2-3 yrs or so depending on wear and use.


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Talk to the guy who owns Kammo, he is an excellent stright guy who stands behind his products. He will probably give you a discount off a new one if repairing your old one is uneconomic. I have been unable to break one of their coats in about 10 years.

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