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Venison steak; when you butcher your meat cut some good size steaks instead of jointing it all. Haunch and along the back both outside and inside bone. About 1-2 cm thick slabs.
To prepare- defrost and with knife remove all trace of tendon/marble/silver skin.
Crack/crush spoonfull of peppercorns, add sprinkle of garlic salt. Wipe a smear of olive oil on both sides of meat and press meat into pepercorn garlc mix.
Get a heavy frying pan put steak in turn immediatly,remove from heat (seared) turn heat right down and "gently" fry turning frequently for 5/7 mins.
Pour a little cream into pan and stir with juices to produce pepper sauce at last minute. Serve with salad and newpotatoes or chips if you must!
In 15 mins. anyone can produce a decent venison supper.

The secret(watched at Gamefair cook demo.) is to remove and discard all tendon/silver skin prior to cooking.


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My favourite recipe, the only thing I would add is a dash of Brandy in with your cream went you are heating it to thicken.


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I had a nice bit of venison steak the other day, cooked as you explained. but medium rare with a calvados and mushroom sauce. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I brought the kitchen staff a round of drinks I was so impressed :D !


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Tomorrow nights dinner for sure, if I remember to remove it from the freezer that is, just missing the nan bread!!!! :D:D

Thanks for sharing, not enough recepies on here me thinks!!!!!


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:drool::drool: Saturday evening new potatoes fresh out the ground loin Left to stand before serving and a nice drop of red and cranberry jelly.replaced the evening stalking just enjoying the benifits of previous week.:D