Kent FAC Renewals

Info for anyone waiting for their FAC renewal in Kent, I contacted them today to find out about waiting time (my renewal was due on 26th May and they sent through a section 7 permit ahead of that date). It's difficult to get beyond the recorded message on their number so I sent an email. They are currently processing renewals due on 12th May.



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Like many constabularies Kent have had a back log to deal with. I can tell you that they are aware of the issues and are taking a very pro active and positive step to rectify the back log.
That's good to hear. My dealings with them over 35 years have always been very positive. For me, communication is the key when dealing with delays and managing expectations and as my previous post says they are being very open about where they are at.


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I had the feo come round yesterday for my renewal ( May expiry, sent off in Jan). He reckoned I've got another month till the real thing comes through the post.


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I think the time is dependent on the amount of work that is passed to the FEOs and then up for final signing off. I know that the FEOs are busy and are probably the most experienced to make comment on renewals, variations and grants. I put a request in for a change of wording on Friday of last week and got the certificate back today so good service but I do sympathise with people who are waiting a long time.
What is really needed is a system that works on a self service basis where we can do all of the required updates after sales and purchases online, apply for variations and renewals in the same way and links into RFDs records. Perhaps this would revolve around licencing the individual and not being so pedantic about calibres and conditions. Draconian of course but something has to be done!
Kent have always been really very good with FAC , SGC in the 30 years I've dealt with them.

Yep, definitely not knocking them. They made a mistake the last time I had a variation and they sorted it same day. Can't get better than that!

It can't be a happy place to work at the moment with the pressure they are all under.


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Patience chaps, take my word for it, it is being looked at and it will be sorted. However it will take time, so be polite and I am sure you will be well received.