Kidney Cancer


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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Was she behaving normally? I appreciate the window of opportunity for a shot is often short with sika in commercial woodland like that, so not a lot of time for observation.

Very good of you to put up. As I've not shot too many deer, being a recreational stalker it's rare I come across any abnormalities. I have never come across any kidneys that look anything other than normal.
I assume the fact that there is cancer in the kidney, would this render only the kidney unsuitable for human or animal consumption, or would you scrap the whole carcass on the basis there could be secondary cancers and the fact that the animal is underweight and in generally less than optimal condition.
What are your thoughts.


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Thanks Dama. Always good to learn something and know what others do that have more experience. I would probably have done the same after a thorough examination of all the nodes (which I expect you also did).