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Yesterday we took are 4 year old daughter in to hospital to have her tonsils and adanoids out,whilst waiting to go for the operation she was with the other kids in there playing with different games and toys then a lady who works on the kids ward came in and they started to make butterflies so we are sitting over by the bed watching,next minute the lady turns away from my daughter and another little girl and starts laughing and comes over to us,she had asked the kids if they had brought a special toy with them for the day and are little girl said yes i have got my fimble baby pom with me then the other little girl said i have brought my toy deer with me,in a flash my little girl says my daddy shoots them :lol: :lol: .it was priceless.


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i would like to see your face at the time, that would be so funny
atleast you are bringing up the little one the right way
good for you mate


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Yes they are hilarious. I too have a 4 year old little girl tika and when she was 3 she would quite regularly come out with "would you shoot that dady" if we were walking down the street and say a dog came along with owner etc etc.

She doesn't do it now but there are things that they come out with all the time. She is now mythering me to death to come shooting with me and wants camo's as she calls them etc.

We try to introduce her to various things - she does dance class on a saturday morning and swimming imminently but she does seem keen to come shootijng. Maybe she has the killer instinct in her blood from me - who knows.

ANyway they are fantastic and what would you do without them?


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I might add she loves helping me skin out and butcher a carcass etc.

She especially enjoyed caping and skinning out a nice Galloway Red I shot a while back. She loves to get stuck in and touch and poke eyes and all kinds of bits etc.

Great. :D

Heym SR20

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Just been asked by my five year old daughter - Daddy, when are you going to shoot a deer so we can make some more biltong?


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My boy is nearly five and when I take the dog for a run in the fields by home he brings his ancient non working little airgun with him.I can then teach him all about safety from the word go.He loves playing with dead rabbits,partridges etc.Yesterday I was de breasting some pigeons when he asked if he could hold the heart of one in his hand and inspect it!!
He's been coming hawking with me since he was a baby (He would be on my back in a baby-carry thing and the Gos on the fist) but I can't wait until he's old enough to come out shooting with me.

Tika you are dead right kids are just the tops

All the best,


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we were driving along the other day when i said to her whats that bird she said its a crow daddy you can shoot them cant you,she was right it was a crow,the o/h just smiled.


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About ten years ago they re released Bambi, I was co erced into taking my neice and nephew to see it, on the way out after she asked

"Uncle Mike did you shoot Bambis mum?" in a loud voice.

I nearly got lynched.


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cor dad....

i have a son called ben. he is 11 now.
when he was about 3 or 4 Mrs Swampy had to go into hospital. So oneday ben and i go to the shops. we were walking round Aldi and we saw this bloke. he was fat as f***. ben turns to me and looked upto me. i saw his brain working and before i could do some distraction he said, and pointed at the same time..."cor dad, he's a fat lad isn't he" he said it very loudly and very clearly. i looked at the fat bloke who was like an obese grizzly bear and thought to myself "...i hope he can't run very fast" the fat bloke said "yeah i am"

we escaped with our lives and a funny story forever.



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Hi everyone,
I have to join in on this one. As a father of three I have in the past encountered teachers who have said of my son at the age of about six "Young Eric has a very vivid imagination, he keeps telling us there are deer in your garage".
On another occasion one daughter's teacher recoiled in horror when she asked the class what they did over the holiday. Obviously my girl's most memorable thing was that "We skinned two deer and cut them up for the freezer".
We have a grandson now who has similar things to tell his class.

Happy memories.


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Its my grandchildren that get me into trouble now :eek:

We have two very good zoos run by the Aspinal family in Kent. The one near Hythe has a more open plan area to it, and last summer my wife and youngest daughter took my two grand daughters age 4 and 6 for a visit.

They ended up on a trailer ride with a large amount of other visitors being driven through a large enclosure which contained various Africa Antelope. Half way through the eldest stood up on the seat, and shouted out at the top of her voice, LOOK MUMMY AND NANNY, GRANDAD HAS ONE OF THOSE HANGING ON HIS WALL, HE SHOOTS THEM DOSNT HE. Needless to say this caused a few mothers to cast a funny look at both my wife and daughter.

After trying to get my grand daughter to sit down and keep her quiet, she suddenly jumped up again and shouted AND HE EATS THEM AS WELL !!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I wet myself when they got back from their day out. you can always bank on kids to drop you right in it. But as I pointed out to my wife, she was only telling the truth :D


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LOL...reading these posts is great.

I took my 5yr old daughter to a park last year where she amused herself by feeding the ducks some bread. A little old lady came up to chat with her so my darling daughter decided to explain how she did like feeding ducks but daddy would soon shoot them and then she'll get to eat them.... (the wildfowling season was fast approaching).

The little old lady's face was a picture.

The wife took her to the zoo a while back. She returned to thump me on the back of the head. She explained that whenever they got to a new animal enclosure, my daughter would ask loudly, "does daddy shoot these?"