Kill it, cook it, eat it - just finished watching


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Hi guys

Well, I think my initial sceptiscism wasn't fully deserved.

I thought they explained the need for animal management quite well, and the processes were coherently explained so thumbs up there.

My only gripe really is they do pick people for these programs that humanise animals and dwell on emotions etc - which gets on my nerves a little - but overall I think a 7 out of 10.

What did everybody else think? - looked like a lovely place to stalk too, i'd happily trudge through the rain to have a go there.


Andy L

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Well, in my opinion, as I said on the other thread, the best account of stalking and its need in our countryside to ever be shown on british tv.

I would like to think that we all show respect to our fallen quarry and considering that they had not been stalking before and did not necessarily choose to be there, I thought their reaction was very natural and balanced.
They even limited the air time available to the LACS!
Good Job! :lol:


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I agree with Andy, there seem to have been quite a few programmes containing deer stalking and cooking the meat (like river cottage), but with this one being focussed around the killing and preparation of the deer it had more time to give a good balanced argument. It was encouraging to hear most of them say things along the lines of it being a very humane way of putting meat on the table, and despite a few tears the program showed deer stalking in a good light. They did give the LACS a short airing as being the beeb they have to give a 'balanced' argument, but most of what the guy from LACS said was put right later in the program (and more than once) - eg taking the weaker/smaller beasts (as opposed to "its all about the trophies").


eta. I did think that it was a bit harsh on the lad who keyholed his 3 shots on the range that he wasn't picked to shoot a beast, he looked pretty gutted. The stalker did give reasons for picking the girls, but it may just be coincidence that it makes better tv to have a girl who is an 'acceptable' shot to kill a deer then cry about it. Not sure if they were under a bit of pressure from the producers to make those choices.

paul k

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Not a bad effort at all. It was interesting that the disinformation came from the LACS spokesman, thankfully corrected later.


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I was involved in this project early on and walked away from it as the producers did not want togive me the final say as in who would shoot.
I hope they reconsidered their stance when going to Balavil , Arthur duffus is not the type to take any ****, but for the fact they picked 3 "weepy" girls rather than a confident shot , well?

For the BBC though it was pretty good and I don't think LACS put up much of a fight, well done to the staff at Balavil.

Only 1 criticism, in dealing with a pile of novices why were there no bipods or moderators, they pay plenty for these shows


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i thought it was a good show, look forward to the rest, i find it funny though that ordinary people find hunting such a bit deal when a dont even give it a second thought.


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just watched it,

Very good I thought, didn't throw a bad light on stalking....

Veggies are a funny lot aren't they... the couple on that show weren't as bad as most though.


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yes agree it was pretty good for the BBC,i thought its portrayal of stalking and the need to control deer was well put,pity about the wining git from lacs,next weeks programe looks good too,duck shooting,saw a snippet at the end, looks like 1 guy was not enjoying it too much,dont know whats wrong with em? :lol: HORNET


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I have to say for the Beeb it came across reasonably well for a change. The man in the big white beard who didnt say anything at all but seemed to be helping out looked like an aquantance of mine Pete Swales.

All in all not a bad programme, pity about the LACS **** but there you go. What a pity someone didnt mention about their controlling deer on their property some years back by shooting them out of a 4x4 window :rolleyes: Or perhaps that had slipped his mind for a brief moment.

Never mind lets hope the remaining programmes show fieldsports in a good light.


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It was good to see the tables turn on the normal BBC take
on country sports and i dont remember hearing a bad word
from any of them ,even the veggies only had good comments
to make at least in front of the camera.
And it was a change to see spokes person from LACS prove what
Prats they can be
PS Hornet it is tonight.

Pete E

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Only just watche the first programe on deer and thought it was excellent, and refreshingly pro stalking, even to the point of having a vet who explained and endorsed the process as being humane.

I'm glad they showed the girls getting emontional at the kill as I thought it added weight to the discussion at the end where despite their earlier reservations, all made very favourable comments and a couple of the guys indicated they would like to do it again...

Probably the best programe on deer stalking I've seen on British TV...


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yep ur right guys it was on tonight,an bunnies tmz,another good show i thought,bit of a tall order for people who never fired shotguns before to shoot flighting duck,only one runner that they did show and was found next morning,the guy who eats meat but couldent eat the duck reminded me of some people i know, buy it on a tray at tesco happily but recoil when i tell them what i do, but at least he addmited his own hipocrasy i suppose,again even the antis agreed they rather see people shoot and eat wild game than factory farmed so i reckon our case has been strengthened again,and no comment from that **** from lacs, lookin foreward to tmz bunny hunt. HORNET


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Enjoying the program and its even handedness on the whole

But what about the "game larder"??? Am i missing something or is this normal?


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That was indeed Dr Swales Malc, my kids call him 'God' apart from around Christmas time when he's know as Santa!

With Peter, Arthur and the vet - Dr John Fletcher of Reediehill Deer Farm on the team I think that's why it came out so well and they 'converted' so many of the particpants.


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I just caught the post in time to watch and I would say it was very well done,the only thing i was disapointed with was the larder work it might be me but the keeper made it look like hard work,the girls getting the shot reminded me of the jobs not for girls.....


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Just watched the rabbit one pretty good
But one comment on last nights Duck ,as i do flight them myself,
in failing light you have a runner down and a good mark on it .send the bloody dog for it then ,not 1/2 hr later :eek: