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Sold: Kimber 84M Classic Select .308 (Wood & Blue)

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Ally H

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Kimber 84M Classic Select (Wood/Blue) in 308.

  • Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Hungarian, A4 Reticle
  • ATEC CMM4 moderator
  • 30mm Leupold rings and bases
  • Sling swivel mounts
  • Barrel thread cap / protector
  • All packaging as illustrated
1 in 10 twist barrel.
Screwcut 1/2"unf 20tpi.

Very light, accurate and reliable set-up in excellent condition. Slight scrape on the moderator, please see photo. I have had from new, approx 150 rounds fired. Selling to fund new project.

Also included if collected in person are 80 homeload 150gr softpoints and a few once fired Federal cases.

£1200 (inc RFD cost). I would prefer to sell as package.

Will consider swap for Swarovski Z6i 5-30 x 50 BT 4A-I, Gen 1 or 2 (with money either way depending on condition).


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