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Sold: kindness returned

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due to no longer stalking and the kindness of other forum members I have the following free items.

both items are well used by me when I was stalking so they are not perfect but usable and will benefit a new or short of cash new bee to stalking,

1, is a set of stalking sticks(it can be sticks or a tripod) swivel top with rubber coating and are made by vanguard,

2. is a small elk ridge knife set, cracking bit of kit with a fixed blade and a folder with gut hook, used these for those stalks that happened when I was out foxing and a chance shot came along. again well used but still ok, but will need a better edge than is on them now.

i would like to give the people who have helped me the chance of first dibs, if they don't want them then I'll drop all the names in a hat and pick out 2 new owners.

i will have to post in my own time as I am up to my eyes in it at the moment,

View attachment 73448View attachment 73447

thanks and bestbregards


please post on here and I'll sort the new owners out as and when it's needed.

Shropshire Dan

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Very generous Bob.

If you don't find a new home for the knife set I could certainly put them to good use with the boy.

Kind regards


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OK lads

the knife set is being sent to TASR1.

the tri/bipod is still up for grabs as yet I have not found a taker from my helpers.



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Hiya bob a would realy appreciate the tri pod as it would help me massively with my stalking adventure. As its one big learning curve having only started a year and a half ago.
Cheers Sam.


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ok lads I gave a few names on the tripod so I'll draw it tomorrow when I get back,

many thanks


ok lads I have done the draw from the hat and the tripod has gone to Shropshire dan,

both items have now gone.

I will place some other stuff up as and when I get to it,

regards to all and thanks to Dan for an extra donation to my wee girls condition charity.

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