Kingfisher ...


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Don't wish to knock your photography skills, but for one of the most gloriously coloured wild birds in the UK, to show it in black and white seems a bit wasteful...


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Looks great , I'm no photographer but know what I like .,.
Would look good with bird in colour but rest still black & white
Seen few like that lately ... different ..


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I liked it in B&W. So used to seeing them in colour I just see that and say "kingfisher" - somehow in B&W it makes you look closer at the actual bird.


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Lovely photo thanks for sharing, we go Canal boating in the Midlands 2/3 times a year and always have the camera ready, they really are stunning little birds.

atb WB.


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Great photo, but if ever a bird needed a colour photo it's the Kingfisher. Often see them darting past while salmon fishing.


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Great photos! I had one land on my rod whilst stood in the middle of the River Taw this summer. Sat there looking at me for 20 seconds. Tried to get my camera out and it was off. One of life's fantastic moments.


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Much better in colour I have to say - absolutely beautiful:thumb: , see lots on the various rivers I've fished, but not got one to pose! Nice one Basil.