Kings forest stalk Thetford /AM

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Hi all
Further update on my AM stalk this Wednesday. Rained hard in the night , and I was knackered when Des Green arrived to take me out at 0400hrs , slept in the car and rattled around all night. We arrived at our stalk site a quick coffee, safety brief ,route to take and the stalk was mine Des as he did last night allowed me to find my own way and was closby for any questions.
The rides where very quiet until sparras fart, then the forest was alive with sound ,and very rewarding, Saw a coupla charlies lurking about the ride junctions, but they was off like a shot. we stalked steadily nothing doing it seemed , then we hit a clearing that showed promise ! as we made our way to a high seat nearby, I heard ab-it of a commotion , we froze and a Buck from hell started Barking like mad at us some 100 yards out, he ran off quickly to our left no chance of a shot yet ,he was motoring and gobbing off all the way. prepared my sticks and laid on just in case he stopped . Right out in front of me another Roe Buck appeared about 80 yards away side on and a perfect show for a shot.! At this point I was well excited and hopeful of a sure shot .Scoped him ,panicked hadn't released my scope flip on the front , Roe started barking like mad , sorted myself out and went for the shot broadside and perfect,disaster struck, front lens started to mist up (those of you with glasses know what I mean) I thought I was spot on , 100gr federal power shok .243 tikka t3. bang missed the bugger shot went over his shoulder . I reloaded and he buggered of running and stopped out at approx 120yards he was barking like mad but it was not a safe shot , with that the earlier buck started barking again my buck in my sights turned to shout back at his mate (Goodnight) he dropped on the spot , I was really pleased but felt a dickhead having missed the first attempt . We marked the spot and I asked Des for a debrief , he doesn't miss a trick. I basically was to slow with my sticks hadn't got em high enough , and rushed making my adjustments to it hence my snatch shot . We recovered the beast I was a little high but shot placement was OK as he had dropped dead on the spot , gralloched and hung the buck, continued stalking , I passed up two further muntjac a doe with a kid at maybe 50 yards ,and a Buck at 20 yards who stepped out in front of me , he was as surprised as me cased each other out , and he did a swift retreat . We finished stalk at 0730 , a great morning , well I thought so .I went away with my trophy's which are currently in the freezer , no photos though as dickhead me forgot the camera . Des Green deserves a lot of credit as he was a very patient and learned stalker with a mountain of knowledge . I would certainly recommend his company. Left west stow at 0800 home by 1115hrs after a hearty breakfast and a strong coffee at SUZY, CAFE on the A17 on the way to Boston , a Proper brekkie, .Well that's it long story but there you go .
Regards to all Trapper


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Well done Trapper, a very honest and heart warming account. Blimey the amount of times my glasses have got misted up when I've been about to take the shot! :eek:
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