Kitchen/Chef's Knives Set in the Works

Would that make them dishwasher safe Stuart? 😉

I'm sure they would look great in krinite. Although I do think that timber handled steak knife set are class.
Dishwasher!? KNIVES IN A DISHWASHER!!!! 😂
That 983 set @Stuart Mitchell look absolutely marvellous.

Similar to Dave's comment above, can you give us some general guidance on what is, and isn't, dishwasher safe?
Thank you and funnily enough that #983 set is the seven piece set mentioned in the first post of this thread.

Knives and dishwashers are not a good idea, even the detergent and rattling around won't do the blades/edges any good, let alone the hot water and steam etc on the handles.
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Continuing to follow this thread with interest as I may have a “significant” birthday coming up later in the year and need to have a quick answer when my wife asks what I want!! 😁😁