Kitchen knife repairs anyone?


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I've had an 8" chef's knife for a good few years, and the rivets have finally given way so the scales are off.

Amazingly a quick twenty minutes on Google doesn't throw up anyone who would offer a service to repair it. So, my mind turns to the knife-makers of Stalking Directory.

Could anyone replace the scales on my chef's knife? It's still in pretty good nick after a couple of decades of use, and to be fair the scales themselves would simply need to be rivetted back on.


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As @Swedish says, why not have a go yourself?

As well as cutler's rivets there are other methods such as solid pins (brass or stainless), Loveless bolts, Corby bolts, etc.

If you don't feel up to it, then I am sure one of the knife makers here can help.

If you get really desperate, drop me a PM and I can probably sort something out - I have put scales on plenty of knives, but mostly my own so there's been no-one to disappoint but Yours Truly!


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I've performed a repair on a knife exactly like this. I use 1/4 corby bolts on all my knives. I actually made new handles from wood and had to drill out the holes in the metal to make them wider. I can't see why you couldn't reuse the existing handles. Simply glue everything up with Araldite ultra, allow to set for >24 hours then grind and sand smooth.

Heym SR20

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I did one a few years ago. I bought some brass rod from local model shop same diameter as the hole. Cut of a length about 1/4" longer than the scales. Put it the vice with about 1/4" showing. Sure it is tight and tap the end with a small hammer to thicken it. It will now grip the scale on one side. Put the other side on. Clamp the tightly and then rivet them up tight. With a fine file dress off the remaining metal and then polish. You can use araldite as well, but kitchen knives generally go into the dish washer and whilst not particularly hot, I do like a mechanical fixing as well as glue. If you can be bothered to find brass rod, a bolt or scres etc can all be used. I have also copper boat nails as well..


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You have nothing to lose trying it yourself, If you have the slightest of DIY skills you will be able to do it, Ive rehandled a few blades and made up some kits and it's enjoyable, You might like it that much it may turn out to be your new hobby.


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I’ve ordered some Corby bolts so we’ll see how I get on. I have enough to do without starting a new hobby………

Thanks guys.
What size are the holes as I have 1/8 brass here and can post you a bit. just cut it over length and peen the ends over

quick sand and off you go


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Just finished it. I had to drill out the holes a bit to fit the Corby bolts, but have just finished dremelling the excess off. It won’t win any beauty contests, but it has been reborn as my favourite big kitchen knife!