Kiwi deer hunters

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I read an article years ago about these great deer culls in NZ. The Hunters lived off the land and used to have the vension airlifted out by flying boat or chopper. Sounds great! Are there any books still in print on this subject? I'm sure Thar and a few others can point me in the right direction.
Cheers in advance Steve.F


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You called………….. :D ;)

N.Z. hunting books, well there are loads to choose from here is a link so you can get the idea.

Here are three I recommend to start with.

The book that bought the N.Z. deer cull to the attention to most of the world:- Venison Hunters by Mike Bennett.

Classic N.Z. Mountain Hunts by Dave McClunie

Two Dogs and a Rifle by Ken Cuthbertson. Don’t get put off by it’s naff title it is a excellent book about the early days of pig hunting out there, starting in the 1930’s until Ken was to old to hunt. In the last chapter he and his mate have a awesome battle with a big wounded boar.

Any thing by Rex Forrester is well regarded by the Kiwis.

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Thank you Thar! You have come through 'True Blue' again!

I will get on to Amazon now and order my copies.

Again Thanks a million! :D

Cheers Steve.F
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