Knives. How do we stand.


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This is becoming another bun fight, I think Swampy has explained more than fully, reasons consequences, possible penalties for and against this issue , My AUNT MABEL once caught her left tit in a Mangle! true in the 50s ! they used a knife to cut the rubber around the said appendage to free it! :eek: (Lucky she wasn't a bloke called willy eh). Knife fit for purpose!job done. As stated previously use for purpose , and put the damn thing away!. 8)
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i was just thinking back to my days in the outback. every single person i knew had a rifle ,shotgun or both, . in the 80s people used to have them on racks above the seats of the toyota on full view, and walk about with a knife strapped to their hip in full view. there was very little crime then and still isnt now in darwin. the police have of course been dragged int the 21st century and demanded that firearms cant be on view in a vehicle and must be looked away, quite rightly too.
the point of this late night reminice/rant is that i think its really sad that its come to this and our govt/police dont trust us to make disicions about what and when we can carry, ie a pen knife.
im 46 bloddy years old!! i dont need a young cop telling me a cant have a pen knife on my key fob!!
i was a prison officer for many years, worked in high security segregation units and phychiatric units, and while an officer i saw a man holding a woman up against a wall and belting her one night on the way home from the pub and so i restrained him. the police arrived and i was duly arrested for assualt. it was a" domestic"incident and the woman wouldnt press charges against him. the young cop that arrested me ask why id intervened !! as that was the polices job. i couldnt believe my ears and said just :imagine the suns headline tomorrow if shed been killed."6ft2in 18 stone prison officer walks by as woman is kicked to death. i was duly offered a caution which i refused to accept, and the charges were dropped some two months later. had i accepted it, i would have lost my fac and my job.two points to this lengthy rant, one is get legal advice BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH ,in front of an officer, , and admit nowt til your lawyer says so , also no offence was meant to any serving officers on the site but some of the younger ones do need a bit of mentoring. :lol: