Sold: KRG Bravo chassis Tikka T3


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I have my KRG Bravo chassis in FDE for a Tikka T3 for sale. I bought this a couple of years ago but after a recent shuffle around I'm using my How's for target shooting and the Tikka for stalking so this is surplus to requirements.

It comes with the origional M-Lok QD sling attachment, a KRG mag release extender and two cheek risers, one with the bolt cut out and one without it. I have also added a small tube of stainless steel on the riser bars so you can take the cheek risers off and fit it back instantly to the correct height for perfect eye relief. Obviously this may need filing down depending on what scope you have but it's a handy little bit to have.

I'm after £400 posted and that'll be insured 24-48hr delivery.

Any questions please ask.


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