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For Sale: L/H Mauser Titan Model 226 .25-06REM Rifle - Excellent.

DM Firearms

Well-Known Member
(Comission Sale)

This rifle is a rare beast. A left-handed KDF Mauser import, made in Germany.

It is as new, the bore is untouched, the bluing fantastic, the mechanics great and the stock is excellent with the occasional light scratch.

(full bluing - The photo shows alot of shine to the barrel due to the flash of the camera, there are no patches or missing bluing or scratches, it is excellent.)

Trigger around 2lbs, maybe a touch lighter however this trigger is adjustable.

The bolt is jewelled and has a beautiful look and finish.

Detachable metal magazine - easier and more practical than floor-plate design.

14'' Length of pull.

Barrel is 23''.

£350 including shipping to your local RFD.

A high quality yet value for money rifle.


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DM Firearms

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Photos of reciever


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