Labelling for the freezer

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Just cooked a fantastic venison stew, from a recipe I found by chance at
I don't know if it was my culinary skills,or the fact that it was made from venison that I had stalked. My first beast in fact.

Probably more to the fact , I just dived into the freezer & grabbed the first decent sized bag of venison from the freezer drawer, as all my labels had fallen off the bags.
Once it was defrosted I found it was prime steaks, & having already made the marinade I decided to use it at least it was was nice & tender though.
Any suggestions for decent freezer labels/marking please, before I waste anymore steak in my stews. Ta needsy


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Use a felt tip pen and write on the bag itself. Works OK for me, well my missus I mean. :lol:


The Mole

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Or computer stationary address labels - if you're really sad you can pre-print little pictures of the deer species on them :oops:

Andy L

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I spend far too much time on this forum to have time to preprint labels!!!!
I just use a permanent marker directly on the bag but it is not ideal. I am still talking about getting a vacuum packer which makes the labelling with a pen much clearer but have not decided which one yet.


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A method Ive used for a few years now which I learnt from the owner of the last resteraunt was to write with a marker on a small piece of paper then double wrap placing the note between the 2 layers of cling film! This not only stops the pen from running but helps protect from freezer burn! Failing that try betterware or a similar company and youll probably find that they will sell a product for freezer labels.

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