Lady Gun!


Hello everyone!

Nice to meet you all. I look forward to reading more shooting and stalking related posts, I will try my best to help.

I'm 21 and shooting is a passion of mine, as well as training my spaniel pup to pick up.

I work in the Gun Trade and am currently studying for a business degree.

Want to know more, just shout!

Many thanks,



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Welcome Tiff.
I hope you are up for a laugh.
Let's see, 21, got brains and love shooting. I hope your mailbox is empty.
Nice to see, we need more women with guns.


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Hi Tiff and welcome.

You'll find a lot of useful info here and also lots of opinion but all interesting to read... Except anything of mine of course. What kind of Spaniel pup do you have and for what purpose are you training? Good luck and enjoy the forum.


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Whats not to like about a girl who loves guns n dogs, welcome to SD Tiff, enjoy but just don't take any of their nonsense.


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Hi Tiff and welcome, have fun with the spaniel,.I hope you have a lot of energy:lol:. My last one only slowed down a couple of years before he died aged 18.

Chris Rob

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Hi Tiff

Hows things with you, glad to see you've joined Stalking Directory, a wealth of info on here.

Popped briefly into WP yesterday to drop off some more GWCT Oxfordshire Fab Four flyers but didn't see you around.

Hopefully catch up soon :D