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There are a few terrier men on hear I believe so you may be able to give me your opinion. I saw locally an add for lakeland x patterdale cross puppies (there are two dogs left a tri colour and a brown one).
My old dog Lab x colie is 15 and keeps on looking like he is going to peg it then springs back to life

All said and done I know the old boy hasn't got that long left and he's no good for tracking blood spoor now. What appeals is a small dog ,what doesn' :lol: t appeal is a bugger that might run at sight each time we see a deer.
So are they trainable?

I might add we do have a medium schnauser at home who is obiedient but my daughters. I would suspose they would mix well but would the older 3 yr old schnauser character rub off on the little cross ?

And no it is not off working parents but out of a town , I suspect that is only skin deep in a terrier.


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Griff has a little terrier bitch that he wouldn't be without.

I have a little border terrier dog who definately has the instinct but is typically a hard headed little bugger and is proving slow to train. Others i've spoken to also note the selective hearing once the nose is on trail and the arse is in the air.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that you'll be able to make it less terrier like. I also have 2 large Chesapeake Bay Retrievers which are the most hard charging, dominant, boisterous dogs of the gunworld. The terrier will happily run with both and has developed their love of swimming and retrieving ducks but he's still very much a terrier and completely incapable of ignoring the oppertunity for a fight.


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thanks for that info I have had two Jack russells before but both bitches. I have had good reports and bad figure as my old dog is 15 time to get a replacement. So it will give me a good challange may not end up perfect but but certainly will be a companion. :D

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Firstly, Teal there is no such cross as a Lakeland cross Patterdale A Lakeland is a Patterdale ,I don't know what Idiot told you otherwise, just shows that the people ,you purchased the dog from haven't got a clue .

The breed comes from the village of Patterdale the terrier can also be called a Fell terrier a Red terrier or a black terrier IE a Patterdale .

The foremost authority was a man called Bill Brightmore ,what this man didn't know about Lakelands/Patterdales wasn't worth knowing, he was the man that brought the Black Lakeland Terrier ,known as a Patterdale to Scotland .

I believe that Brian Plummer has a book on the Fell Terrier which has particular reference to the Patterdale dog .

Its those late breakfasts that you are having thats sending you up the wall .lol


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fell terrier

Thanks for that WS I'm not familiar with the breed description or history and I suppose neither are they. But all the same he will be a good companion I hope. But here are some pictures which are good to ponder over late breakfasts :)



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I have a lakeland x patterdale terrier. He has an excellent nose and very good eyesight however I am unable to use him for deer. Not his fault, I used him for foxes, rats etc when i was a gamekeeper and he just wants to kill everything. He is great with other dogs and people though and very good natured.

Lakelands and patterdales are seperate breeds however. The kennel club recognises lakelands as a breed but not patterdales.

lakeland terrier

patterdale terrier


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X terrrier

david1976 I am told the dam was a cross and she was mated to a patterdale so he will at least be 3/4 patterdale terrier and 1/4 some thing else. He is too small to see if he will look like your patterdales but he does seem to have a little chest to him and smooth coat at this stage. So perhaps he will end up resembling that more than anything else. My intension is to train him to deer. He has a placid nature of what i have seen of him so time will tell. But thanks for that info. i would be interested if anyone else has trained a terrier to deer what pitfalls I should avoid.



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Patts and Lakies are separate breeds, from the same roots but separate none the less. I've got a Lakie. He has a fantastic nose and I have used him for tracking shot foxes and deer, but only on a longline. He was 2 in January so still a pup really, I hope to be able to work him off lead for tracking as he gets older.

He's a bright little sod, but does love fighting! He's very much a 'leave him in the truck and get him if owt needs tracking' dog, but my ground lends itself to that so it's not an issue. I'm sure they could be used for tracking if you trained them towards it from an early age.

O aye, he's handy on the rats too! (Hope this pic is ok here!)



hope you dont mind cif i throw a wee bit of light on the breed origins of lakelands /patterdales teal so you ve got the whole picture. when the kennel club drew up the standard for the lakeland terrier it meant that those with lines that did not conform were not recognised. most of these lines were held by farmers/footpacks in the north of england /lake district and were identified by a number of names ie working lakelands, fell terriers, patterdales. size and type varies quite considerably depending on the lineage. Primarily they are a well bred dog ,quiet and sociable, but thoroughly couragous and hardy when put to work. They should have a good course coat or jacket as it is often referred to a strong head and a fair leg legnth to allow for good mobility as they were required to follow a hunting footpack. colour can vary from brown grizzle,red,black and tan and black which is often called the patterdale after lakeland locality. I have had the good fortune of holding bloodlines from three very prominent lineages of these terriers which i have bred and worked to deer for almost thirty years with first class results. During the course of this time i hve owned and worked three german pointers and ive no doubt that in certain areas each have their merits but for me i find the lakeland fell terrier a much handier breed. although each to his own. i will pop on some photos of various dogs and bitches who have excelled over the years if i can manage to suss out how. hope you find this information usefull....benhar