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After months of plittering around,watching roe deer trying to find a good cull beast,I was watching two yearling does who ran off as if chasing something they had seen in the next field. Bad luck for me,I thought,but then I hadn't seen the old doe watching from the edge of the bordering woodland. She came on the the field & started feeding off the crop by kneeling down to eat. As this was to be my first deer I wanted a standing broadside shot & had to wait a while for her to get up.
Shot her with the 7mil,got to the carcase & found her hooves to be in bad order. The inside half of each front hoof was normal,however the outside extended by about another 2 times the whole length,about 5cms/2" over the tip of the normal half.The extended part was relatively thin,& curved round as would a ewe's horn.
Is this lame deer likely to have got into this state due to poor management in the past? Or is there likely to be another reason for her being in this sorry state? Danny


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Just a ropey photo on my mobile,& it was getting dark quite fast.
Would have had a picture of the hooves,but my grumbling mother in law sent the carcase to the local agricultural college to be butchered,so they're gone for good!
Another thing that's lame is my IT skills,give me a few weeks & I'll figure out USB ports & all that gubbins!


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Well done for your first Deer.

You will have the "Bug" now, gets expencive from here....

One Rifle, then you want two "Deer caliber" rifles, then a .22 for rabbits and vermin then you want a .17HMR, Obviously all the same equipment for each rifle, Sling, Harris, Scope, Moderator, Cases for each rifle, before you know it, you need a bigger Gun/Rifle cabinet.....The list goes on, I know, 'cos I have just done all of the above.......



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Funny you should mention that,but remember how I said there were two yearling does? Well now there's just one! I went back a week later & dropped it on the turnip field with the .223! Handy knowing were they eat!
Yes,it's worryingly expensive getting all the gear sorted out & keeping ontop of zeroing & other jobs on your rifles could keep you busy full time.
I still need to christen my .308,& will try to sort out a day on the stags this summer. Will have dropped a roe with it before then though for sure!
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