Laminate stock repair

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Rich h

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i have a few marks on my cz thumb hole stock I'd like to get out, if I steamed them would it remove the shine of the stock.
if I need to sand some a little what would I need to put back on it, oil, varnish ?

​Thanks rich

Jager SA

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Yes if you steam it will remove the sheen and could be difficult to rematch the area perfectly.


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depends on the finish applied, could be varnish, could be just boiled linseed oil, could be a proper oil finish (unlikely on laminate) any case, steaming dents out should be done when the old finish has been stripped off and you are about to re-finish the entire stock, otherwise you'll be doing patchwork repairs that will look worse than a few knocks and dents.

steaming with an iron through a wet cottom rag works, but truth be told, sticking in a bucket of boiling water for 15 minutes is a heck of a lot easier and gets them all out, even the wee dents you've missed ;)

Rich h

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Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'll just leave it, proberly only make it look worse


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If it has a proper oil finish you can steam them and the re oil the area if it varnished you need to open the finish to get the steam in the repair the finish.

If it was me if varnished I'd remove it all the give it a proper oil finish
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