Lamps for Bunny Popping

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Any suggestions for a decent light for Bunny!
Plenty of lampers out there , I want a lightweight scope mounted clip on !
Bought one off Ebay said 100mts + !! Would be lucky to get 25 yards with it!.Dissapointed with purchase ! guess buyer beware ,.
Regards Trapper


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I have a Lightforce 170 , I use it with an amber filter , the amber lets more light through than the red, I have taped the edge of the filter to the lamp as you get a lot of light coming back through the edge of the filter ,I bought extra scope mounts / clips for each of my rifles, I can change the lamp easily between rifles, in the past I have tried , a Deben lamp and a Shootalite, IMO ok for rabbits at 50 yds but not much more especially with a red filter fitted, I gave the cluson shootalight to a mate for his air rifle, , I use the 170 for rabbit and fox, if I was just shooting rabbits I would go for the lightforce scope mounted 140,just my two'pence worth.

Richard Parsons

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Use a Cluson Lazerlight. You can get the whole kit from Arthur Carter from around £105. Really bright out to about 300yds. I love mine, great for fox and bunny. ATB.


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Thanks for input
Got a CLUSON 2 now direct from company just what I was after, battery a little larger than I expected , charged and ready to go cost £108


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I use a lightforce 150 on my 10/22 for bunnies on the local golf courses.

100m is cool but he 10/22 is happier at up to 75m as you will know.

150 is easier out the window of the jeep than the 170 (i have both) and i am not happy shooting long distances in the dark anyway. you can take off the shoulder with 150 but again 170 affects balance and is not worth the extra size and weight. (foxes of the bonnet with 170 is better but i have another body with me)

you pay for what you get and the lightforce is by far the best.

Hope this helps, if you want a pic let me know and i will post 1.


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Took my cluson 2 out on a field trial . Delivered out to 100Mt's plus , which is more than adequate for my needs, happy with this lamp, I stalk on foot and found the battery heavy will work out my own solution. all in all it delivered, lots of pink eyes out there!!,.


If you ever get the chance to use a light force 140 gunlight or a 170 you will think you have bought a canddle :lol: Happy hunting and if you send me a pm i will send you a lamp to try for the rabiit season.


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We have 3 clusons and 1 lightforce 240 between 3 of us.

Agreed the light force is a lot and i mean alot brighter and whiter light than the cluson. But the 240 is so ill balanced that after an hour you have to rest it on the truck roof.

Use the light force most though . might try the 2 mil candle cluson.
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