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Well first things first Good morning to everyone on SD, bit of a quick question, I have my FAC interview on Friday and just wanted to know from the people who have already done it how it compares with the Shotgun cert interview, I also have my land check on Thursday evening, never had a land check before so just wanted to know the kind of thing they may ask etc.


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SAFE BACK STOPS, rights of way , neighbours and SAFE BACK STOPS

ideal should be no problem then permission is within a valley and the only access onto the land is via the main gate, the adjoining farm is up and over the hill, the farm dwelling itself is on one side of the valley but that borders a major road which is raised above again, basically imagine a valley 250 yards across at the widest point with a dual carriage way raised above running parallel on one side 50 yards inset and lower down by about 30 feet is the farm dwelling, which is at the end of the access track, below this is grazing land in the bottom of the valley and a fir plantation on the opposite side, basically no shooting is to be done in the direction of the dwelling access track or road, and the opposite hill acts as the ideal backstop.
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