Land clearance

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Hi all,
Dont know if this has been asked before but i am curious to know what criteria is used when deciding on what calibre is approved for a piece of land.
Two of the farms i shoot are next to each other, same size, same terrain.
One is cleared for .243 the other for .308.


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you will probaly find the land is upto a .308 not just for a .308
the other thing to consider is when the ground was checked what calibre of rifle was on the application at the time of the land check, as no one will clear it for a calibre bigger than what has been applied for or what is already held on there at the time
just a thought


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land survey check.

The criteria for land survey is very subjective. subject to your experience, subject to the shape of the land et and sadly subject to the experience of the enquiry officer. In short if i think YOU are ok on THAT land with YOUR rifle of a CARTRIDGE that i have knowledge of. It's not a good system
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