Land Cruiser engine coming.

Heym SR20

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So does it have a low box or are the low gears suitable for low speed off road type work? Makes sense if you have all the cogs in one box as opposed to a high and low box mated to a 5 or 6 speed box.

Or is it in fact an auto 5 speed speed with a low and high after gear?


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How cruel posting that………….a case of ‘look what ya could have had’ no doubt. The chances of that landing on UK greener than green shores it just ain’t gonna happen. The most exciting thing we’ll have to look forward to will be a solar/wind powered push bike😢


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i thought it was already confirmed the LC300 is not comign to UK/Europe. the "landcruiser" we get here is just a Prado hence the 2.8ltr engine.

LC200 discontinued around 2015 I think.