Land Rover


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I'm still an addict. I know it's wrong but I just can't kick the 90 habit.

Never got stuck though, 190 BHP, 33 inch MT's, winch on the front and waffle boards in the back. A layered approach in the rear to make best use of the space. Dog platform on top of gun cabinet on top of carcass tray. My perfect hunting wagon.


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I've had both a 90 and now a Jimny. Would never go back to LR and I've never managed to not make it where I needed to in the Jimny either.

Hales Smut

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A man from Down under once told me :

If you want to get into the bush, get a landrover. if you want to get out : get a Landcruiser.


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Oh, thats a new one.... the day i see the Queen driving to the Balmoral grouse moors in a Jimny i will have one...


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When I used to trial in modified I had a Suzi, it started life as a SJ 410 hard top. Then it had,
hard top removed and soft truck cab fitted,
Full external roll cage and sliders,
Centre section of bulkhead moved back app 6" (to get the centre of gravity back for side slopes)
Vauxhall 8 valve 2ltr (calibra) engine fitted,
Weber carb,
manta dizzy (front mount),
Gertrac close ratio gearbox,
Vauxhall power steering,
Ford calipers (Escort front, Fiesta rear)
Suzi discs all round,
Offset rims (+ app 6" track)
High level air intake,
Etc, etc.
There's a lot of work goes into a trialler.

It was unbeatable in the trees and round tight canes etc, would do 3rd low standing start almost vertical. But it couldn't beat a sorted LR. The suspension is just wrong, no travel and the vehicle is too small to be stable.

I know modified trials is probably way more than most folk would take their motors to, or need to, but the fact remains that LR have got 4x4 right.
Yes LR may be troublesome at times, they may suffer niggling problems, but for absolute off road prowess in a relatively small 4x4 they're unbeatable. I've seen and competed against them all, Toyota's, Mitsi's, Isusu's, G wagens etc and they just cannot get the traction. In a competition they're just left behind at the first few canes.

You see pics of Japs beating LR's but there's usually some hidden story you're not aware of, bad driver, different tyres, a complete accident etc. When it comes down to a fair test the japs just won't do that extra few yards, and that's the difference between winning or not. :thumb:


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no amount of engineering will account for a bell end behind the wheel or crap tyre choice!

I have been to Dubai and saw even the crappest US made SUV's perform amazing tricks of traction in the desert with drivers who clearly knew their onions

including a full tricked out V8 GMC SUV driven at terrifying speeds in the dark with me riding shotgun!
the video doesnt do the inclines or speeds justice!!

Sand Rally - YouTube

seen my fair share of Disco4's cross axled and stuck on a camber with poor tyre choice!!
even towed one out of the snow in an Audi A4 estate!!


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.... and to put the Audi argument to bed, how many of them have been towed out of verges by Land Rovers?
Ive gave up carrying a tow rope in the winter as my Eurobox rescues are no longer fun any more.