Lansky Knife Sharpening System

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i have one and i love it i'm not great at sharpening knives but with this even i can get them like a razor.


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I recently tested a similar knife sharpening system made by Gatco.
These knife sharpening systems are no quick fix and require a bit of patience to get the optimum results, but it must be said the resulting edge is far superior to any draw-through type of sharpener I have used.
I have a Buck knife which after a hectic season possessed the sharpness of a lollipop stick! 10 minutes of following basic instructions, working down the grits of the sharpening stones, using the metal guide rods and I had a perfect edge which was arguably better than when it came out the factory.
I would recommend one of these systems to bring your knives back to life and get yourself a decent diamond steel to keep them in check in between.


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I've used a lansky for years. Like others i'm not the best knife sharpener in the world. I sharpen my knives with the 30% edge. Not so razor sharp but the edge lasts a long time.

Pete E

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I have been using an Lansky for a few years and I am generally very pleased with the results.

That said, if I were buying again, I too would go with the GATCO system...Both are good and both will sharpen your knives, but the GATCO is just a slightly better design..

Tikka 260

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I have a Gatco, but tend to use it only for 'repairing' grind angle. I normally use the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker kit, just excellent to put a real edge on any cutting implement.



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I found this the other day,and,having used the Lansky which I found next to useless,wondered whether this might be better...........certainly looks better made and like it should do the trick.I slaughtered for 25+ yrs and I use a DMT diamond stone,and,a whet stone,and,my knives will shave you.......................Martin.!

Andy L

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Is it actually possible to get an edge on a stalking knife that is good enough to shave with. Although I think I get a decent edge on my knife with a diamond steel, I would not say that I could shave with it.
If you get an edge that sharp, does it mean that the edge will not last long? I reckon I can gralloch 3 or 4 animals without needing to touch the blade up, but have no idea whether this is good or bad?
Excuse my ignorance but it is something I have never really thought about. :oops:

Offroad Gary

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i have the gatco, got it from cabelas $40 including free stand/holder thing. got it when i bought my lee reloading kit.

after a bit of practice it is fantastic, but i still havent fully mastered it, always have to give the finished edge a quick freehand swipe with the fine stone to get it perfect.

my one also had the serrated blade sharpener.

the stones look wider than the lansky ones, i'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.


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+1 for the Lansky used one for years with perfect results. I got a coarse diamond stone to sort out a knife that looked more like a saw than a knife, took some time but I got there.



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I have the lansky, it's fine, the edge I get on my CutCo knives, my KaBar etc are unbelievable. In fact thay are almost as good as the edges we used to put on the brain knives in the pathology labs, BUT, you should follow the destructions and go slowly.
As 300wsm said your fingers are awfully close to a knife edge that should be getting sharper by the stroke, the Gatco does have a better finger guard but you still should be vary wary, don't take your eye off the job.