Lapland moose hunt 2013.. inc branding scene

pheasant sniper 1

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"Ok not the best hunt" doesn't come close to describing the actual hunt....

In Pauls defence on my joining his group everything from booking and paying for the flight, organising car parks, hotels etc was all taken care of by him.. Unlike the other lads that were offered extra species etc that was not delivered, I must have joined the hunt after as did not receive or was aware of that offer...

Were it not for the guys all being absolute stars and us all getting along so well there might well have been a lynching.

We had a scream as you can see from the video and thanks to Jonny ( the hatchet ) for producing a branding iron a further £1250 was donated to the British Heart Foundation... An awesome sum from some great guys who have all swapped details to hunt together again

My thanks to Sika Stav who not wishing to see a grown man cry instead there should be two kindly offered his ass to also be branded, Big Rab for agreeing to hold me down so long as I didn't nut him, and my mate Andy whose screams had people throwing money on the table for me not to be branded :lol:

Absolutely diabolical hunt, and a very expensive and absolute blast with all the lads...

ps shiiiiit, im on a diet after seeing that :eek:

:tiphat: off to all the lads, look forward to catching up again


Paul at Fechan

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I've you've seen Hostel then you will understand why I'm staying out of it and neutral until after the next hunt!!